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Client: Central Park
Location: Perth, WA
Duration: 12 months
Market: Commercial – High Rise
Capabilities: Access Management System (AMS) and Video Management Systems (VMS) integration

Scope of Work:

SEME Solutions were engaged by the client to replace the existing propriety AMS and VMS on all 51 floors and 3 basement levels at their high-profile building in Perth.

SEME Solutions installed and integrated the new Integriti AMS and Geutebruck VMS (including partial replacement of existing CCTV cameras) across 51 floors and 3 basement levels, and had to do so while maintaining the building’s day-to-day security operations.

SEME Solutions integrated the AMS and VMS into the building’s fire system so that in an event of a fire, the security team can lockdown lifts and open the fire doors for orderly evacuation. A signification portion of the project’s works were carried out after hours to not disrupt the building’s daily operations.

SEME Solutions carried out the upgrade and commissioning floor by floor, maintaining the existing SMS and VMS while commissioning the new system.