Commercial Security Systems Design, Supply, Installation and Integration

Commercial security systems consulting, design, supply, installation, and integration are at the core of our business. Our market-leading solutions include Access Control Systems (ACS), Network Security Solutions, Video Management Systems (VMS), and Duress and Nurse Call technologies.

Access Control System (ACS)

Prevent unauthorized access, manage employee entry, and monitor movement with our flexible and scalable ACS solutions. We use market-leading technologies, including door locks, keyless entry, perimeter fencing, boom gates, elevator and intercom integration, public address systems, key lockers, and smart device compatibility.

Network Security Solutions (Infrastructure)

We offer industry best practices for product selection, network design, installation, and support. Our services cover IP networks, wireless networks, cloud technology, network security, critical networks, power and protection, and network management.

Video Management Systems (VMS)

Keep your assets, property, and people safe with our customised VMS products. We offer solutions for facial recognition, heat signatures, temperature sensors, and license plate recognition. Our partnerships with major suppliers ensure you get the right fit for your needs.

Commercial CCTV Systems

Investing in a quality CCTV system can prevent theft, improve safety, reduce accident risks, lower insurance premiums, and assist police investigations. We deliver premium, scalable CCTV solutions using the latest technologies.

Duress Systems

Safety is paramount. Our duress solutions alert workers to potential threats and provide actionable information to maintain a safe environment. We offer mobile and wireless solutions tailored to your needs.

Nurse Call Technologies

We specialise in nurse call systems for hospitals, aged care facilities, and medical centers. Our long-standing relationships with leading partners ensure we provide the right products for new developments, upgrades, and refurbishments.