Customised Security Solutions

SEME Solutions have the experience, knowledge and range of solutions on hand to customise and manufacture bespoke security management solutions tailored to the client’s specific needs and requirements. It is not just our ability to integrate market leading security system products that make SEME Solutions the ideal partner. When our clients come to us with a specific need that cannot be met by existing out of the box solutions, our in-house design and engineering team, in partnership with the client, design and deliver customised solutions.

Solar Boom Gates

Light Vehicle 

The SEME LV Solar Boom gates are designed to be deployed rapidly without the need for existing infrastructure, providing a versatile solution for sites with frequently changing access control requirements.

With excellent efficiency and autonomy, these units can continue to operate for several days without sunlight while delivering hundreds of operations per day. They are installed in some of the harshest conditions that Australia has to offer and continue to operate reliably year after year. These units can interface with most access control systems and can also operate independently.

Designed to function on bi-directional roads, each roadway can span up to 6 meters. Alternatively, they are also available in a single roadway, standalone, long-range configuration.

LV Solar Boom Gate Data Sheet

Heavy Vehicle 

The SEME HV Solar Boom gates offer similar efficiency, autonomy, and reliability as the LV units. They are designed to operate on bi-directional roads, with each roadway spanning up to 20 meters, but are also available in a single roadway configuration.

The system is designed in a way that eliminates the need for vehicles to come to a complete stop, providing smooth and uninterrupted traffic flow. Additionally, there are no requirements for interconnecting cables between the units, simplifying the installation process.

HV Solar Boom Gate Data Sheet

SEME Portable Reader Device

The SEMPRv06T203G portable reader is a mobile card reader designed for use in the mining industry as a mobile attendance/fatigue management logging point. Its robust design enables it to operate in harsh environments where electrical and communication connections are not feasible, such as remote locations, buses, and gatehouses.

The reader is specifically designed to operate over the Gallagher (Cardax) Security Management Platform. The Lithium Iron Phosphate battery remains charged for up to 12+ hours, enabling the unit to be carried to where it is needed and used extensively before needing to be recharged.

Portable Reader Data Sheet

SEME Energy Hub

The ENERGY HUB is an advanced, stand-alone, transportable energy source that is available as an easily relocatable trailer or a skid mount system for more permanent installations. The unit utilizes solar and other green energies to provide power for a range of applications, including but not limited to:

  • CCTV monitoring

  • Communications

  • LED area lighting

  • Environmental and dust monitoring

  • Weather stations

  • Tracking and security via two GPS and wireless components

  • 240VAC power

  • Water purification and cooling of contaminated water supplies

With its versatile capabilities, the ENERGY HUB can be deployed in remote locations, construction sites, and emergency situations to provide reliable and sustainable power.

Solar Shutdown Kiosks

SEME Solar shutdown kiosks are designed to reduce delays in site sign-ins caused by influxes of personnel during site shutdown maintenance. These units can be strategically placed around the site and do not require connection to any infrastructure. They are fully autonomous and operate on solar power sources while relying on 4G LTE networks for communication.

When warehoused, these kiosks can be plugged into 240VAC to maintain their charge.

Solar Shutdown Kiosk Data Sheet

Custom Equipment Cabinet Builds

SEME offers a wide range of custom-built equipment cabinets to meet your needs. At SEME Solutions, you can communicate directly with the individuals overseeing your work on the shop floor. You are always welcome to inspect the progress of your project, and your clients can visit our workshop as needed, including during factory acceptance testing.

We take pride in our clean and well-organized workshop. Whether it is the smallest components or specialized and valuable large equipment, you can trust that your project is always in good hands. If you do not have the time, resources, or skills for detailed panel design, our in-house design service can collaborate with your engineering ideas and transform them into reality. Alternatively, we are happy to work directly from your drawings and construct according to your design.