Customised Security Solutions

At SEME Solutions, we design and manufacture customised security systems tailored to your specific needs. Our in-house design and engineering team works closely with clients to deliver bespoke solutions when off-the-shelf options don’t suffice.

Solar Boom Gates

Light Vehicle 

Our LV Solar Boom gates are easy to deploy and ideal for sites with changing access needs. They work for days without sunlight, handle hundreds of operations daily, and are compatible with most access control systems. Suitable for bi-directional roads up to 6 meters wide or single roadway configurations.

LV Solar Boom Gate Data Sheet

Heavy Vehicle 

Similar to the LV units, these gates operate smoothly on bi-directional roads up to 20 meters wide. They ensure uninterrupted traffic flow without requiring vehicles to stop.

HV Solar Boom Gate Data Sheet

SEME Portable Reader Device

The SEMPRv06T203G is a rugged, mobile card reader for the mining industry. It logs attendance and manages fatigue in remote locations, operating on the Gallagher (Cardax) Security Management Platform with a battery life of over 12 hours.

Portable Reader Data Sheet

SEME Energy Hub

The ENERGY HUB is a portable, solar-powered energy source. Available as a trailer or skid mount, it supports:

  • CCTV monitoring
  • Communications
  • LED lighting
  • Environmental and dust monitoring
  • Weather stations
  • GPS tracking and security
  • 240VAC power
  • Water purification

Perfect for remote locations, construction sites, and emergencies.

Solar Shutdown Kiosks

These kiosks streamline site sign-ins during maintenance shutdowns. Fully autonomous and solar-powered, they use 4G LTE for communication and can be plugged into 240VAC when stored.

Solar Shutdown Kiosk Data Sheet

Custom Equipment Cabinet Builds

We offer custom-built equipment cabinets tailored to your specifications. You can visit our clean, organized workshop to inspect progress and conduct factory acceptance testing. Our in-house design service can transform your engineering ideas into reality or work directly from your drawings. Trust SEME Solutions for meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail in every project.